We were so honored to be featured in this month's edition of the Ashland Local's Guide. Dr. Kivel got to sit down with their awesome team and talk about his move to Ashland, Oregon, his passions in the profession of dentistry and what he envisions for the future. Here's a snippet:

Introducing Soulsmile, the dental office of Dr. Aron Kivel. By combining leading dental technology, good old-fashioned communication and sincerity, and modern business concepts such as transparency and patient collaboration, Dr. Kivel and his team are able to create a unique dental experience. 

One of the special services offered by Soulsmile is the use of video-streaming computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) to make a virtual model of a patient’s teeth. This is used for orthodontics, implants and crown, bridge and veneer fabrication.  With wireless communication to an on-site milling station, restorations are fabricated in house, a huge time and cost savings to patients.  Virtual models are also sent instantaneously over the internet to various labs depending on their expertise. 

Dr. Aron Kivel graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, revered for its strong clinical focus and heavily weighted humanistic approach to dental education, a model designed to nurture an empathetic and compassionate chairside approach. 

Upon graduation, Dr. Kivel joined both the famous dental office of reality TV’s “Extreme Makeover” in Century City and the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills, experiences that laid a strong foundation of personalized and modern dental care in a backdrop of Hollywood stars and entertainment industry leaders. “What I remember most is how nice and down to earth folks were one-on-one.  I’ll never forget shooting the breeze with people who’s music and films I love.  Just everyday people getting their teeth checked out, mostly.”  He then lived and worked in Manhattan Beach where he began to see the virtue of delivering health care with a tight, highly-trained clinical team to hard-working patients looking for excellence, efficiency and excellent value.  

After five years in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Kivel wound up helping a dentist in San Francisco stabilize his practice after the dentist suffered a stroke.  Eventually, this led to Dr. Kivel moving back to the Bay Area, near family, to assume ownership. The practice became known as “sfdental”, with the motto “Modern Dentistry-Classic Values”.  It received hundreds of 5-Star reviews and offered a full range of services that prided itself on these two promises. 

What lingered was an idea of living in a special small town; taking Modern Dentistry and Classic Values to another level, one that dove deeper into the patient experience.   “My wife and I spent years visiting and playing in great small towns of the West.  Ashland stood out for all of the reasons I hear echoed by patients all of the time:  community, culture, family-orientation, schools, recreation, weather, seasons, pace.  The list goes on!”.

We spoke with Dr. Kivel to learn more about his practice, Soulsmile, here in Ashland, Oregon.

Dr. Kivel thanks for taking the time to this interview with us today. Please tell us about your inspiration for moving to and taking over a practice here in Ashland.

"The pleasure is all ours.  Thank you for interviewing us and providing this amazing format to say hello to your readers.  We are very grateful to you.

Starting in San Francisco, Ryann and I toured towns in the West counter-clockwise, when we could, in our little RV. The sole purpose was to find a great new home.  When we arrived in Ashland, we had contemplated dozens of great towns.  Ashland grabbed our attention as soon as we pulled into town.  We chanced upon the Festival of Lights on our first visit here and the rest seems like a few weeks of discovering attributes of just the town that we were looking for. What we didn’t know was that the community, culture and “good vibes” of Ashland would deliver beyond our expectations.  We feel so lucky to be here.

After being introduced to colleagues in town, it turned out that two of the most well-respected local dentists were nearing retirement; two guys with stellar reputations both locally and beyond.  Well, we got to know them and the fit turned out to be great.  Both dentists were loved by their patients and did absolutely excellent work.  They also were passionate about their profession.  To love your work, and be loved in your work, is pretty darn near the definition of “success” in my book. So it is an honor to follow in the footsteps of Drs. Dumont and Benson."

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