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Recommended Dental Home Care Products


Recommended Dental Home Care Products

On a daily basis we are making recommendations to patients regarding products to improve their oral health care routine at home. We decided to consolidate our list for patients' easy access. Have any additional questions? Drop us a line!


Winner: Tom's of Maine
Amazon Link: With Fluoride or Without Fluoride  or Children's

We like the fluoride version to help prevent cavities, but they offer non-flouridated version too. In general, our hygienist, Jordon, recommends looking for the ADA seal when deciding on a toothpaste. She says, "It means the product is scientifically supported. It has met the safety criteria and is proven to be effective." 


Winner: Phillips Sonicare (Any model! You don't necessarily need all the bells and whistles)
Amazon Link

We love Sonicare toothbrushes! We don't even go on vacation without them. They are great for getting below the gum line which lowers plaque levels. They are also great for people with a loss of dexterity due to age or health conditions, as the toothbrush does most of the work for you through its unique sonic technology.

Go with a soft bristle head. Contrary to popular belief, hard bristles are not more effective and can cause damage to gums.  Remember to replace your toothbrush (or toothbrush head if using Sonicare) every 3 months or sooner if bristles look worn. 

Electric Dental Flosser

Winner: Sonicare AirFloss
Amazon Link

This product is great for flushing out debris. It is a fantastic options for patients with deep periodontal pockets (periodontal disease), complex restorative work, food traps or braces. Just remember that it is not meant to take the place of regular flossing. Another popular option is the brand Waterpik - we like these too, we just happen to prefer AirFloss. 

Mouthwash + Rinse

Winner: Listerine Total Care Zero Alcohol
Amazon Link 

Adding a mouth rinse to your hygiene routine is a great idea. We suggest rinsing after you floss to help remove any debris that was dislodged. Our favorite is the Listerine Total Care Zero Alcohol. It contains fluoride to help fight cavities and getting one that does not contain alcohol takes the harsh alcohol "sting" out of the process which can dissuade a lot of patients from using it regularly. 


Winner: POH No Wax Floss (great reviews online)
Amazon Link

The bottom line with floss is that any type of floss is better than none! Our recommendations are light in this category as it is mostly up to personal preference. Some tips from Jordon:

  • If reaching the back teeth is difficult, try floss with a handle
  • If shredding around crowns or fillings, try Glide floss
  • Superfloss is great for under bridges, implants and braces
  • A floss threader-aid can help get floss under bridges or braces as well. 

Interproximal Brushes

Winner: Interprox Plus
Amazon Link 

Interproximal brushes are great for larger spaces where floss is too thin. Also great for complex restorative areas.