CEREC In-Office cad/cam technology

Molly M. Says: "Recently I had a large procedure done and was impressed by the high-tech efficiency of the office." Molly M.

CEREC is a computer aided design system for the production of all-ceramic dental restorations in one visit!  CEREC allows us to take incredibly accurate impressions using a video camera instead of oozing impression materials.  Instead of sending impressions to a laboratory for processing, CEREC allows us to custom design restorations right then and there.  And finally, CEREC communicates wirelessly with a milling unit in our office - the same that labs use -- to actually shape dental restorations from the same materials used by leading labs.  We don't place temporary restorations anymore, there is no second appointment and the procedure costs the same or LESS than the out-dated approach!  CEREC is also used for easier Invisalign treatment and much more cost-effective implant procedures.  Using CEREC is not enough; it takes discipline and training to provide services using this technology.  Dr. Kivel is a proud Mentor at the renowned Cerecdoctors training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Read CEREC FAQs >>


 INvisalign orthodontic aligners

Elizabeth S. Says: "I recently completed Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kivel.  I am extremely happy with the results. What I found very gratifying and refreshing is that he really wanted me to be happy with the results and seemed to care about them as much as I did.  I was given several options before we began treatment and the plan evolved as time went on.  Dr. Kivel explained everything to me and together we figured out the best treatment.  In addition to his technical expertise and state of the art equipment, Dr. Kivel and his office kept my finances in mind and ended up with a plan that I could afford."

With Invisalign, having straight teeth can be easy and affordable.  No matter what stage of life you are in, you'll appreciate how Invisalign’s cutting-edge approach to treatment minimizes the impact of being in orthodontic treatment while making a positive impact on how you look and feel. 

After scanning your mouth with CEREC, we are able to show you your before-and-after actual Invisalign treatment plan. By wearing Invisalign’s high-tech plastic aligners and changing them every two weeks, you move comfortably and predictably toward the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. We always offer complimentary 15 minute Invisalign consultations and the best values on Invisalign treatment. Read Invisalign FAQs >>




Have you been thinking about straightening your smile, but aren't ready for the time commitment? You might consider doing Invisalign® clear braces in conjunction with Acceledent® - a new technology that speeds up tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology®.


Orthodontics work by changing or remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. As this remodeling process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. That’s where AcceleDent comes in. By using tiny vibrations, or micropulses, SoftPulse Technology® is designed to speed up bone remodeling, accelerating tooth movement. Most Acceledent patients also report less discomfort from tooth movement. 



Scott K. Says: Always very professional, timely and on the cutting edge of technology. I leave feeling that Dr. Kivel and all his staff members are vested in taking care my oral health for the long term.

Using a microscope in dentistry is uncommon because it requires a new way of coordinating hand-eye movements, a different work flow with assistants, and a true dedication to an attention to detail.  But the benefits to the patient of the dentist’s enhanced vision are significant! Read Microscope FAQs>> 


Digital INTRA-Oral Photography

Lydia P. Says: Dr. Kivel and his staff are very professional. They explain their procedures in a way that I can understand

Viewing an xray with a doctor is sometimes like talking about shapes one see in the clouds! With high quality intra-oral digital photos, 85% of the time the condition we are recognizing as a concern is crystal clear to the patient, the insurance company, the care-provider or parent as the case may be. We take a series of photographs on every new patient at no charge, and routinely take progress and monitoring photographs all along.

Our team is exceptionally well trained to effortlessly spend a few extra moments here and there to take photographic records. The benefits show! Patients understand the proposed treatment better when they can see it for themselves. This in turn helps build the trust between us. And this trust leads to focused and efficient care. As simple as it is, the digital camera (used with mirrors to get the perfect shot; with a funny looking ring-flash for shining light into the mouth) is one of our favorite technologies.



Non-Metal Restorations 

Alison V. Says: "I am so thrilled to have had all my old silver fillings replaced by Dr. Kivel. He was able to do it with his in office lab! The inside of my mouth used to be so dark and unsightly. I love that I can laugh now and not be worried about the appearance of all those old silver fillings. He also found decay that was not detectable under the fillings until they were removed. So glad to have them taken care of."

Metal is a thing of the past!  Our restorations look and feel like your natural teeth.  

Of the big changes in dentistry (early diagnostics, strong adhesives, digital and non-metal restorations), patients can really relate to non-metal restorations.  Plastic fillings have been around for a long time; they've become stronger with a better bond to the tooth, and post operative sensitivity is history. 

But the real excitement is the use of incredible materials that we can mill into the shape of the missing tooth structure. 

Modern materials are:

  • incredibly strong

  • conserving of tooth structure because the materials can actually bond to enamel (instead of how metal crowns need to wrap around the whole tooth)

  • able to stregthen the tooth by binding the tooth together

  • see-through in xrays so it’s easier to watch for decay or other problems

  • beautiful and natural in appearance

  • made by companies that we know and trust (3M, Dentsply and Ivoclar, just to name a few)


Teeth Whitening

Michael Z. Says: "It was a great experience getting my teeth whitened for the first time. Thank you again, all of my friends want to do the same procedure since my results were so dramatic!"

We use three different techniques to whiten teeth, each designed to address a specific patient need:

When we see you we can discuss the bleaching technique that is right for you!  What about over-the-counter products?  Sensitivity?  Concerns about bleaching?  


Implants: Surgery, Restorations, Dentures and 3-D Imaging

Katharine H. Says: "I recently worked with Aron Kivel and his great team and now have six dental implants that have changed my life. I had so many problems with my teeth in the past that I was afraid to bite into crusty bread for fear of losing a crown. Now, with my implants, I feel confident that I can eat anything and chew with any part of my mouth without anxiety. I'm delighted with the way they look when I smile and, most important, the way they feel in my mouth -- like real teeth, but in my case, even better. Dr. Kivel made sure that the fit and the bite were perfect, and he guided me through the process from start to finish. I feel safer about my teeth and look forward to only going to the dentist's office for regular cleaning from now on. Five stars for six implants!"

We believe that implant related treatment should be made as affordable as the circumstances allow AND patients should be told the details of their treatment and costs before getting started.

Implants offer an incredible opportunity for patients and dentists to achieve what was once impossible: tooth replacement.  Implant dentistry has become more predictable, and options have become available for even the most challenging patient circumstances.

However, implant dentistry can seem complicated to patients and dentists!.  Not every dentist has experience with putting teeth on implants let alone surgically placing implants.  If and when specialists become involved, the costs and office visits can add up.  

What patients need is a dentist who is either performing the surgery and restorative work, or is closely quarterbacking the surgery with a specialist and expertly handling the restorative part of the procedure.  All the while, the patient must know costs, number of visits, and duration of treatment ahead of time.  Dr. Kivel has extensive experience restoring implants and limits his surgical implant placement to straight forward cases.  By doing so, we can save patients time and money.  When more complicated circumstances dictate that a specialist become involved, Dr. Kivel drives the case start to finish.

We are committed to making the implant experience affordable, comfortable and simplified.


Digital Xrays

We use one of the leading digital X-ray sensors available to keep radiation down and quality high.   The diagnostic value of our large, clear images is in a separate solar system from old film xrays! 

Here are some of the top benefits of our digital xrays:

  • Reduces patient exposure to radiation

  • Rounded corners and various sizes of sensors are much more comfortable

  • Large, detailed image contributes to patient education

  • Images are instant! (no waiting to develop film; no waiting to see if another film is necessary to properly diagnose the concern)

  • We compare images over time to determine if an area of concern really needs treatment or can just be monitored

  • We use digital measuring instruments, color markings and other clinical tools for accurate treatment

  • Our treatment coordinator e-mails images to specialists for immediate co-diagnosis and treatment

  • It’s environmentally friendly (no chemicals for developing film)

Read Digital Xrays FAQs >>