Soulsmile cares

At Soulsmile, we believe strongly in doing our part to create and vibrant and healthy community here in Ashland, OR and the greater Rogue Valley. We also believe that we can best serve through what we do best - dental care! To this end, we are teaming up with those who need help most - individuals who cannot afford care and are disabled, elderly and/or medically fragile. 

Our mission

Wile it's true that there is an immense amount of international dental needs, we are committed to helping our friends and neighbors in our own community first. Soulsmile Cares provides free, comprehensive dental treatment to our area's most vulnerable members. Our program operates through the donation of time and services by Dr. Aron Kivel and our fantastic team at Soulsmile. 

WHo we serve

Thousands of people in our own communities cannot afford dental care. Due to the overwhelming needs, we have chosen to focus on those who are least likely to be able to find employment and support.  These groups individuals with finanlial need, and:

  • have a permanent disability, OR
  • hre elderly, OR
  • are medically fragile

How it works

After receiving a new application, our board of advisors decides if the applicant qualifies for the program, typically within one week. If approved, a limited exam and consultation will be scheduled. At this consultation we will discuss the patient's current oral health needs and options for addressing them. If the patient decides to move forward with treatment, they will be placed on our waiting list, with one new large case beginning each month, on average. 

To Submit your Application without Risk of HIPAA violation:

  • Mail to:
    1144 Iowa St., Ste A
    Ashland, OR 97520
  • or Fax to: