Dear patients ... thank you so much for all of your wonderful reviews! Your happiness is our happiness :) 



Emily H: "Dr. Kivel and his staff are absolutely amazing. I have been going here since they first started out and every visit is fantastic. I had a huge problem with one of my front teeth and every other dentist would fix it the "practical" way where you would still see that I had a problem, Dr. Kivel took one look at it and crowned it perfectly! I love it! I smile with confidence all the time and I am not self conscience about the way it looks! Anytime I walk in that office I am treated with such warmth. It is an amazing dentist office and I would recommend it to anyone :)"


Emad E:  "There are not enough kind words I can say about Dr. Kivel and his friendly staff. I started going to Dr. Kivel about a year ago with a mouth full of problems. He and his staff took a step by step approach to solving those problems as professionally as possible, focusing on fixing those problems rather than blaming me for years of neglect. I was one of the many people that would have rather been tortured than go to the dentist, but Dr. Kivel made the whole process easy, pain free and affordable. I actually look forward to my appointments now." 


Aaron F: "Dr. Kivel is awesome, super friendly and helpful and a pretty interesting person all around. His staff is also very friendly and have gone out of their way multiple times to make my experience better. Pam, the hygienist, has to be one of the friendliest people I have ever met. After only visiting the office once I returned for a cleaning 6 months later and she seemed to remember everything we had talked about before. Great staff, great dentist, convenient location."


Elizabeth S:  "I recently completed Invisalign treatment with Dr. Kivel followed by several crowns and other restorations.  I am extremely happy with the results. What I found very gratifying and refreshing is that he really wanted me to be happy with the results and seemed to care about them as much as I did.  I was given several options before we began treatment and the plan evolved as time went on.  Dr. Kivel explained everything to  me and together we figured out the best treatment.  In addition to  his technical expertise and state of the art equipment, Dr. Kivel and his office kept my finances in mind and ended up with a plan that I could afford.  When I had a problem with one of my Invisalign trays, he made himself available outside of regular office hours.  His staff is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and his hygienist, whom I have been seeing for many years, is the best."


Krista M: "Dr. Kivel is an absolutely amazing dentist! He is one of those people that upon meeting you trust and like instantly! He is very knowledgable about the latest dental procedures and works with you to make your teeth what you want them to be. I've been to so many dentists that just want to charge you for fillings and try to have you follow their treatment solely for profit, well Dr. Kivel is the furthest thing from that! He actually seems to care about the health of my teeth, gums and grinding issues. Everyone I have recommended him to has been so happy & I'm so glad to have found him!!"


Katherine H:  "I recently worked with Aron Kivel and his great team and now have six dental implants that have changed my life.  I had so many problems with my teeth in the past that I was afraid to bite into crusty bread for fear of losing a crown.  Now, with my implants, I feel confident that I can eat anything and chew with any part of my mouth without anxiety.  I'm delighted with the way they look when I smile and, most important, the way they feel in my mouth -- like real teeth, but in my case, even better.  Dr. Kivel made sure that the fit and the bite were perfect, and he guided me through the process from start to finish.  I feel safer about my teeth and look forward to only going to the dentist's office for regular cleaning from now on. Five stars for six implants!"


Peter T: Their motto is exactly how they operate! My teeth need a lot of work, let alone that I'm deeply afraid of seeing a dentist :)  I have been looking for a doctor for a long time who would help me make an educated decision about what teeth and how they can be fixed. Apart from being extremely, extremely gentle, Dr. Kivel spent a lot of time figuring out how to improve my health. He was very patient answering my questions, and most of all he gave me options so we could decide on a plan of attack. Everywhere else I've been, the goal has been to sell services. The goal was to actually cure and improve, not just to offer cost-saving solutions. Truly an office with classic values and modern dentistry.


Isidrio M: I recently went into Dr. Kivel's office for cleaning, x-ray's and an exam. The staff was friendly, helpful and talkative, which I LOVE. What I like most about Dr. Kivel and his staff is their experience with dental insurance and their willingness to work with all parties involved to get the best possible outcome for their client. I am happy go back for a detailed cleaning and thankful to have found their office. I have been very happy with Dr Kivel. He replaced several fillings from when I was a teenager and now it looks as if I have no fillings at all, a beautiful job! Painless too.


Gus R:  When I was a kid we used to call the dental nurses office 'The Murder House'.  That's how much we dreaded the scary drills and other paraphernalia they would assault us with.  I've got to admit I still feel a slight trepidation when visiting the dentist - but Dr K has almost got me 100% over my subliminal fear of the dentists office.  He's a fantastic dentist, lays out your options in a no-nonsense way and is also completely no BS when it comes to laying out the financial options.  Great service, great craftsman and a great guy to boot!  Almost - not quite but almost - makes visiting the dentist fun!


Yana P:   "Dr. Kivel and his staff are absolutely amazing. I have a fear of dentists and needed to have major work done ASAP. Dr. Kivel made the entire experience easy, pleasant and it was actually fun .  My entire family are very loyal patients of Dr. Kivel."


Beth P:  "Dr. Kivel is awesome and his staff is extremely welcoming.  They do a great job of ensuring that you are comfortable and informed.  I have learned more from them about caring for my teeth than all of my previous dentists combined.  Dr. Kivel has built a modern office with many services that you won't get anywhere else (cancer screening, blood pressure checking) and he provides flexible hours for appointments.  His practice is cutting edge and his equipment is state of the art.  Dr. Kivel fit me in the day I broke my tooth and made sure that I was pain free and able to get back to work immediately. He and his team have charted out a dental strategy for me and they do a great job of ensuring that I'll be healthy for the rest of my life.  I highly recommend Dr. Kivel and his team.  Go check them out if you're interested in getting the best dental care you have ever received."


Krista S: "Dr. Kivel is an absolutely amazing dentist! He is one of those people that upon meeting you trust and like instantly! He is very knowledgable about the latest dental procedures and works with you to make your teeth what you want them to be. I've been to so many dentists that just want to charge you for fillings and try to have you follow their treatment solely for profit, well Dr. Kivel is the furthest thing from that! He actually seems to care about the health of my teeth, gums and grinding issues. Everyone I have recommended him to has been so happy & I'm so glad to have found him!!"


Hugh S: "Dr. Kivel is an excellent dentist and just a great guy all around.  The thing that I like most about Dr. Kivel is that he lays all the options out in front of you and then lets you choose what type of procedures you would like.  I have been to dentists in the past that are super pushy and aggressive in trying to get you to sign up for the most expensive procedure possible, Dr. Kivel is not like that at all!

After proposing to my wife I decided I wanted to do some work on my teeth so that they would look nice for the wedding pictures.   After meeting with Dr. Kivel and discussing my goals he came up with simple plan.  We did a little bit of whitening and then a invisalign treatment.  I have to say looking at my wedding pictures it was some of the best money that I have ever spent in my life!!! It's like why did I wait this long to have this done!

I really can not say enough about him and the entire staff, they are all super nice and laid back."




Sarah K: "Dr. Aron Kivel is professional, organized, does meticulous work and ...he's fun! His office staff is very efficient and extremely informative and helpful as well. The first time I saw him was because I had a cracked crown. Another dentist had put the crown on and it cracked twice. Dr Kivel made a new crown for me and three years later it's still perfectly fit in my mouth. During my last visit, I had a teeth cleaning and whitening. I'm extremely pleased with the results. His office is clean and nicely decorated. He has modern equipment that I haven't seen in other dental offices and he plays great music too. Well worth the drive to the Sunset for sure! Thank you Dr. Kivel and staff!"


Mandy B: "Dr. Kivel is attentive and comprehensive, taking time to listen to my concerns and prioritizing needs in a practical manner. The team makes my dental experience enjoyable every time!"





Beverley F:  "Pleasant, quiet office; friendly staff. I had my teeth cleaned and procedure was comfortable and thorough."

Judy H:  "Went in for my six month cleaning at 8 mos. Yuck, a lot of cleaning to do. As usual, a great and painless cleaning. I always know I am getting excellent care at Dr. Kivel's office."

Linda C:  "The office environment is welcoming to the client/patient. Fresh and clean, comfortable and friendly. I feel safe with the dental expertise of Dr. Kivel, the advance knowledge of his staff, and the use of current technology for dental care."

Virgene K:  "As always, efficient and thorough. I appreciate never having to wait. The office looks very nice, too, and I appreciated being able to take a bottle of water when I left because I was going for a run, and I was thirsty."

Robert K:  "On Monday I had 3 teeth extracted, plus a bridge, and I never felt any pain at all - not even after all the numbness wore off. I've never had an experience like this with any dentist before. I still can't believe it. I was in constant pain for weeks before I went to Dr. Kivel and had this procedure done. Now I have no pain at all - I didn't even need any pain pills. And the entire staff is so friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Kivel to anyone who is looking for a dentist."

Scott K:  "Always prompt, professional and thorough."

Barbara E:  "As always, thorough and professional. They make cleanings fun."

Anonymous: "Always very friendly, and they always do a good job. very pleasant experience, and relaxing environment.

Erica L:  "The best dentist and staff. I highly recommend Dr. Kivel he is thorough and honest and will help you to understand any issues you may have about cost. It is worth every penny to get your teeth clean and examined at least once a year. I always hated going to the dentist, but Dr. Kivel and his staff have made a worth going to the dentist a good experience.

Anonymous:   "Good as going to a dentist can get. The people who work there are great."

Charles K:  " They always make the procedure as pleasant as possible."

Tami U:  "Went in for my regular cleaning. Great as always. Dr. Kivel came in for a 'chat' and I felt at home, as I usually do when I go to their office."

Lydia P:  "The office personnel and dentist are responsive to my needs. They listen to what I have to say and work accordingly."

Barbara E:  "Always professional and thorough."

Mark R:  "I can not overstate my satisfaction, appreciation, and trust for the office of Dr. Kivel. The entire staff provide all the information and insight to assist patients and their needs. It is that simple."

Paul B:  "Professional and explain all procedures, caring and friendly."

Denis Q:  "Very caring. Very professional."

Barbara E:  "The office is always professional and friendly. The hygienist is the best.

David N:  "Just a routine cleaning, but always feel it is so professionally done from the wonderfully friendly team."

Claire C:  "I had a positive experience at Dr Kivel's office. They took pictures of my teeth using less radiation than before which is a good thing. The hygienist is always so pleasant and very thorough in cleaning my teeth. She also is very generous with the free samples, which included prescription fluoride for a little chip in my enamel. Dr. Kivel seemed happy with my teeth after a quick check. I would highly recommend Dr. Kivel's office."

Tina H: "Great personalized service, always on time."

Lydia P:  "The staff always treats me well and takes the time to explain their procedures."

Molly M:  "Love this office. always nice and accommodating ... my dental hygienist is a delight."

Levi B: "Great staff and personalized attention. Everyone I spoke with answered all my questions so as to ensure I understood their responses."

Charles K: "As usual - friendly, professional, and thorough. Great!"

Ngoc N: "Sincere, helpful, and friendly dental staff, and excellent dentist Dr. Kivel."

Virgene K:  "Dr. Kivel is an excellent dentist, using the most current equipment and procedures to keep one in good/excellent dental health. He and his staff are friendly, kind, and professional."

Debby B: "It is the day after I had a crown placed by Dr. Kivel. Not only did I have zero pain during the procedure, I had none immediately after and woke up this morning pain free as well. Dr. Kivel is an example of excellent modern dentistry. The whole process start to finish was one office visit. He is able to create the tooth needed for the crown at his office, with no need for any follow-up. And great tunes are being played always! Dr. Kivel rocks! Thanks to all for such good care!"

Claudia M:  "Dr. Kivel and his staff are amazing! Best dentist I've ever been to. Let's face it the dentist office is not a place most of us look forward to going, but they made me feel at ease and took away my anxiety. I will definitely recommend them to friends and coworkers. They have surpassed my expectations. Thanks Dr. Kivel!"

 Anonymous:  "Always a great experience. Very friendly and helpful staff."

Beverley F:  "Had my teeth cleaned. Staff is professional but friendly. Procedure was comfortable and thorough. I was treated with personal attention."

Anonymous:  "Best cleaning and oral hygiene instruction around. I learned so much about how to care for my teeth and gums. I also benefited from the cancer screening.  Aron is the best and brightest dentist as well as one of the nicest people around. That's why I travel to his office. You will not be disappointed."

David N:  "Phoned up on January 2nd with a niggling tooth. Dr. Kivel said I could drop in on Saturday 3rd, even though the practice was not officially open. He ran a battery of tests to identify the issue. Nothing conclusive, so the advice was to be patient, pay a lot more attention to dental hygiene in the area with the problem and see if things settled down. It was good to be reassured and I really appreciated the thoughtful approach to the issue. Great dentist, great attitude."

Tami U:  "As always my experience at your office was great. Thanks for always being there for me."

Lydia P:  "Dr Kivel and his staff are very professional. They explain their procedures in a way that I can understand."

David N: "The best dentists need to really deserve a 5 star rating to make you enjoy your visit. Aron Kivel's practice is bang in this category. The staff are super friendly and relaxed.  I feel very comfortable that Dr Kivel is providing the best, up to date technology and state of the dentistry. It makes you feel you are being looked after by class one professional healthcare staff."

Lydia P: "I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Kivel. He is professional and thoroughly explains any procedure needed."

Laura M:  "I have been with this dental office forever. Excellent care, great people. Dr. Kivel is great and very handsome!"

Anonymous:  "Always a good experience. Love the light jazz playing in the background--very soothing."

Scott K:  "Always very professional, timely and on the cutting edge of technology. I leave feeling that Dr. Kivel and all his staff members are vested in taking care my oral health for the long term.

Mark R:  "I have come to rely on the practice of Dr. Aron Kivel and his entire staff with trust and confidence. The warmth, care, and attention continues, with any and all needs of a patient being fully resolved.

Linda C:  "Clean comfortable friendly atmosphere to have such a invasive procedure being performed on an individual. Being patient with scared clients/patients is tantamount to being parental.

Thank you for holding my hand."

Caroline M: "Friendly, thorough, professional."

Beverley F: "Office very clean, modern. Staff friendly, efficient, and knows me well. Teeth cleaning went fine."

Luke G:  "Coming here for years , has always being excellent."

Charles G:  "Dr. Kivel is the best. His staff is professional and courteous. Can't ask for a better dentist."

Edward S:  "Thank you so much for such a quick response to fix broken crown! I love your 3D machine. you're the best."

Paul B:  "Knowledgeable & friendly staff that explains all procedures."

Ana T:  "Great! I love Dr Kivel and all his professional staff. They are always so nice and flexible with me and I am the biggest baby when it comes to going to dentists."

Erica L:  "Dr. Kivel and his staff are very kind and helpful! I see Dr. Kivel more of an artist in dentistry. The team members are just so sweet they make my trip to the dentist all the worthwhile."

Eugenia K:  "Great visit. Great Dentist and my favorite hygienist in town. If you need dental work this is the place."

Barry L:  "For an all around pleasant experience, from dental work to all office employees you must visit Dr. Kivel. You wont regret it."

Abraham U:  "Great dentist and welcoming knowledgable staff. Dr. Kivel will tackle any teeth and gum problems to the satisfaction of his patient, with the minimum of pain."

Anonymous:  "Appointments are always on time, staff are very professional and friendly. Have always had a good experience."

David N:  "Great dentist - welcoming and relaxing office - friendly and super competent staff. Big emphasis on ongoing care. If there is any place you could enjoy going to the dentist - this is the place."

Molly B:  "I have been so pleased with the service of this office. The staff is professional and the scheduling, on-time visits, and customer care has been excellent. Recently I had a large procedure done and was impressed by the high-tech efficiency of the office.

Anonymous:  "Dr. Kivel ... keep adding the technology! It's great!"

Stephen M:  "Painless, informative, thorough and friendly."

Denis Q:  "Wonderful and caring as usual."

Kim M: "I had a crown replaced and Dr Kivel explained in detail the procedure. Didn't hurt at all. Very friendly staff."

James R:  "Caring, professional, and uses the latest technologies."

Mark R:  "Simply a great place to go for trusted care and advice!"

Debby B:  "Aron Kivel is an excellent dentist providing skill and experience along with state of the art technology. Combine that with good listening skills, compassion and understanding - you have one great practitioner!" 

Anonymous:  "As good as going to a dentist can be. The hygienist makes you feel very comfortable and is sensitive to your comfort. The dentist makes very common sense suggestions and doesn't try to sell you on procedures that you may or may not need."

Paul B:  "They make it the best experience possible for going to the dentist. Great people and all procedures and recommendations are explained."

Thomas P:  "Excellent service. Very personal and efficient. Entire staff is very friendly and professional".

Linda C:  "I sincerely appreciate the personal touch of concern for the patience well being demonstrated. They know the patient and helps the patient feel that it is all about the individual and not a case number."

David N:  "Great practice - always dedicated to the patients health and making the patient feel at ease and comfortable

Denis Q:  "A very caring office and a great Dentist."

Eugenia K:  "Dr. Kivel is very very good as a diagnostician, and gives a program of what needs to be done and the cost I would urge you to choose this dental practice if you need a dentist."

Barbara E: "As always, I was very happy with my hygienist. She is very thorough and fun to talk with. The front desk staff is always really pleasant."

James W: "Ultra modern, Uber professional, Hyper fast, Mega skilled.

I have experienced dentistry on most of this planet, and I am thrilled to have the best dental care right here in my backyard."

Eugenia K:  "Dr. Kivel is very kind. He is young so there are new tools he works with and pictures of my teeth were especially detailed. The thing I liked the best, besides his skill inside my mouth, was the fact that he provided me with a plan for all the work I needed so I could judge the cost and proceed accordingly. In other words he is aware of his patient's needs both dentistry wise and economically. I would recommend Dr. Kivel as a fine dentist for anyone."

Abraham U:  "Unfortunately Dr. Kivel could not give me the news I wanted to hear, but he is an excellent and caring dentist. You could do no better. I have been going to him, and he has seen me through some pretty rough spots, for years now. I highly recommend him.

Anonymous:  " I have been coming to this dental office for many years. Service/treatment is consistently excellent, and staff is always personable. I no longer dread going to the dentist, which is saying a lot!"

Steve P : "I was taken early and given good information about using toothpaste less irritating to my mouth."

Don S: "My hygienist was nurturing, thorough, professional, and took time to explain what is going on inside my mouth. Dr. Kivel was also terrific, showing me in detail what the state of my teeth is and what options I have. I was impressed by the technology used by both of them to show me (not just tell) what is happening inside. My friends find it hard to believe it when I tell them I had a good time at the dentist office.

Kathleen P:  "Staff is friendly & efficient - I always feel comfortable there."

Michael Z:  "It was a great experience getting my teeth whitened for the first time. Thank you, again. All of my friends want to do the same procedure since my results were so dramatic!"

James W :  "Fabulous staff and the most pleasant dental office I know! Have already referred many friends."

Jan S:  "How about actually enjoying a visit to the dentist? For me that's not too hard. I've been blessed with strong teeth and despite a bad track record of flossing, I've never had a cavity or filling. But the last two dentists I saw made the experience awful. One guy would literally joke with me, "Haha, you're teeth are so good I'm not going to make any money off of you." I didn't find it funny. On my second visit a year later, his rates jumped 66% with no warning until I was in the office. I was irate, but since I had already cleared my calendar it was worth it to me to just get the service and then not come back. The next dentist I found worked out of a mega-office, and although he offered nitrous oxide for a mere cleaning (not as interesting an experience as I had hoped for), the experience felt like I was buying a car. That's to say, from the desk person to the dental assistant to the dentist, I felt a sense of urgency and pressure. "Don't you know how important your teeth are? More cleanings, more services, more often, more, more, more or your teeth will fall out, your friends will dump you and you'll never get laid again!!"

Dr Kivel managed to offer me more potential services; Invisalign, teeth whitening, more regular cleanings, than I had received at either previous dentists, but they did so from a place of service. Rather than feeling like I was being given a sales pitch, I felt like they were presenting options that might be of benefit to me. They were telling me, "this is what we do here, these are the things that might benefit you now or later, whatever you choose to do is fine by us." They even suggested store bought items that might be a good option instead of the services they offer. I felt cared for and no sense of pressure.

Everyone was super friendly, the offices are modern, clean and well lit. They were playing contemporary music that I would listen to myself. They were very knowledgeable and the cleaning was pain free and thorough. I can't recommend Aron Kivel and his great staff highly enough."

Abraham U:  "Dr. Kivel is a great dentist."

Anonymous: "Thorough and well taken care of during a desperate and painful situation. I was squeezed in Dr. Kivel's busy schedule by coordinating with his awesome assistant."

Scott K: "Always a very friendly atmosphere. I feel like I am in very good hands with the level of thoroughness and professionalism."

Jarrod S:  "Dr. Kivel was much better than my last dentist. He did really awesome work. I really felt comfortable and am ready to proceed with my next step in keeping a healthy smile."

Anonymous:  "My kids came in for an appointment and they loved it. They really felt that being talked to like and adult about their oral health was cool."

Debbie W:  "I love going to Dr. Kivel's office to see the hygienist, who is simply AWESOME!! and of course, to see Dr. Kivel too :)"

David N: "Dr Kivel's team do their maximum to manage you through these uncomfortable sessions in the dentists chair. Excellent patient care and excellent dental work - it's great to see all this modern technology being put into practice."

Seth W:  "Being that I'm confident in the abilities of the hygienist and doctor, I don't come in anxious so there aren't any issues that might arise were I to be so. My teeth generally come in covered in coffee stains, and the hygienist is always understanding and recommends preventative measures. The cleanings can be a bit uncomfortable due to this, but the minor prodding that's necessary is always tolerable. Everyone is always very friendly and talkative, which makes for a more pleasing time. Though, in the dentist chair, I would probably just zone out if that weren't the case.

All in all, I'm made confident that everyone is interested in making my teeth the best they can be and making me as comfortable as possible in the process."

Deanna K: "Excellent visit as always. I love my hygienist, the office staff are pleasant and helpful and Dr. Kivel is always direct, cheerful and doesn't pressure you. I would recommend the practice."

Paul B: "Great staff!"

Anonymous: "Excellent customer service. Very attentive to patient needs. Received clarity on next steps."

Barbara E: "Very thorough and friendly. Dr. Kivel is very knowledgeable."

Tom F:  "Always wonderful, thanks."